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Why Choice LED UV curing system for your printing press?


  • Faster press speeds
  • No Spray powder
  • No buffing for laminating
  • No waiting for lamps compared to conventional UV
  • Less maintenance than conventional UV
  • Fewer blanket washes
  • No white gutter space needed
  • No marking
  • Perfecting jackets?- Don’t need them anymore. You can replace them with steel jackets.
  • Heat removal can be away from the pressroom
  • Less AC tonnage required to cool the pressroom (every dollar of energy spent on tratitional UV requires another dollar of air conditioning)
  • The same profile for coated and uncoated paper
  • No hickeys
  • Save ink because of fewer wash-ups
  • Gained one hour per day of extra production because evening wash-ups were eliminated
  • Less fountain solution required
  • Less press wash required
  • Quicker blanket and impression cylinder washes because ink does not cured by oxidation
  • Switched to 20micron stochastic at the same time as switching to LED-UV
  • Instant turnaround
  • Cleaner pressroom
  • Cleaner bindery
  • Instant measuring of color data for profiling (no need to wait for dryback)
  • Ability to print and varnish on two sides in one pass
  • No heat distortion on plastics
  • Long perfector will have same dot gain on side A as on side B
  • Neater stacks to the cutter when no spray powder is used
  • Ink never dries in, on or around the press
  • Material cost saving in paper, ink and press parts

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