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what is Modularity LED drive system

DPL Industri A/S introduce Modularity LED drive system to control our high power led curing lamp serial. Clients can install different numbers of power module according to their energy output. With this kind design, the uniformity and radiation will be controlled and keep stability for each led power module.

Each power module has 600W. Each LED module will be connected to each power module or subject to client’s request. So the led UV radiation will be linear regulated up to 26W/cm2.

Each power module can be turn on/off, in order to save lifetime for the led module. This function can be used when client need different size of cure area.

DPL led-driver
DPL Modularity LED drive system- STATION 5#

DPL has two types of LED Driver system, Station 2# can be installed up to 2 pieces of power module of each 600W, up to totally 1200W. Station 5# can be installed up to 5 pieces of power module of each 600w, totally output power up to 3000w.










Technical Specification:


LED Driver Station 5#

(DPL Code: 50870)

3 pieces of

Power Modules

4 pieces of

Power Modules

5 pieces of

Power Modules

Input Mains Voltage 1 phase 100V-240Vac
Input line freq. 50-60Hz
Input current. 21A 28A 35A
Power Factor. 0.95 at 100% power
Standby power <2.5w
Current regulation 0-10V regulation or PWM regulation
Output Output power. 1800w 2400w 3000w
Output Voltage 66v DC
Output current 0.5-9.15 A
Protections Overload, Overcurrent, short circuit, Temperature
Operation Temp: 0 to 40 C
Dimensions: 450mm x 380mm x 320mm


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