UV curing technology creating an active packaging

What is Active packaging

Active packagingintelligent packaging, and smart packaging refer to packaging systems used with foodspharmaceuticals, and several other types of products. They help extend shelf life, monitor freshness, display information on quality, improve safety, and improve convenience.

The terms are closely related. Active packaging usually means having active functions beyond the inert passive containment and protection of the product. Intelligent and smart packaging usually involve the ability to sense or measure an attribute of the product, the inner atmosphere of the package, or the shipping environment. This information can be communicated to users or can trigger active packaging functions. Programmable mattersmart materials, etc can be employed in packages.

Depending on the working definitions, some traditional types of packaging might be considered as “active” or “intelligent”. More often, the terms are used with new technologically advanced systems: microelectronicscomputer applicationsnanotechnology, etc.

How does DPL Easycure work for your active packaging?

The easy and economic way is UV Cast and Curing technology. UV casting and curing technology a kind of microembossing technology, which can create rich, high gloss holographic effects on a variety of substrates in both sheet fed and web. Casting film is embossed BOPP Film, which already have holographic feature. When this film nip with base substrates, the holographic construction on BOPP will be embossed into UV lacquer on the surface of base substrates. Said it in an easy way, BOPP film is more or less like die head in this process, so this film can be reused several times After cure system, the holographic feature will be stable on the surface of base substrates. UV Casting films are available in a variety of diffraction patterns, similar to hot foils.

DPL Easycure UV curing system is an intelligent “Plug&Play” system, easy to operation and install in existing machines.



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