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LED Ink Proofer



Why you need a LED ink Curing proofer ?

Are you still doubt how much UV LED energy you need when you print by new LED ink because your ink proofer only run 10m/min?
DPL Speedy UV LED Ink curing proofer will provide all data you need for your printing machine: test speed from 4-300m/min, curing distance adjustable from 2 to 10mm, curing energy automatic adjustable by speed. You can download all testing result to your PC as well.
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Why Choice LED UV curing system for your printing press?


  • Faster press speeds
  • No Spray powder
  • No buffing for laminating
  • No waiting for lamps compared to conventional UV
  • Less maintenance than conventional UV
  • Fewer blanket washes
  • No white gutter space needed
  • No marking
  • Perfecting jackets?- Don’t need them anymore. You can replace them with steel jackets.
  • Heat removal can be away from the pressroom
  • Less AC tonnage required to cool the pressroom (every dollar of energy spent on tratitional UV requires another dollar of air conditioning)
  • The same profile for coated and uncoated paper
  • No hickeys
  • Save ink because of fewer wash-ups
  • Gained one hour per day of extra production because evening wash-ups were eliminated
  • Less fountain solution required
  • Less press wash required
  • Quicker blanket and impression cylinder washes because ink does not cured by oxidation
  • Switched to 20micron stochastic at the same time as switching to LED-UV
  • Instant turnaround
  • Cleaner pressroom
  • Cleaner bindery
  • Instant measuring of color data for profiling (no need to wait for dryback)
  • Ability to print and varnish on two sides in one pass
  • No heat distortion on plastics
  • Long perfector will have same dot gain on side A as on side B
  • Neater stacks to the cutter when no spray powder is used
  • Ink never dries in, on or around the press
  • Material cost saving in paper, ink and press parts

UV curing technology creating an active packaging

What is Active packaging

Active packagingintelligent packaging, and smart packaging refer to packaging systems used with foodspharmaceuticals, and several other types of products. They help extend shelf life, monitor freshness, display information on quality, improve safety, and improve convenience.

The terms are closely related. Active packaging usually means having active functions beyond the inert passive containment and protection of the product. Intelligent and smart packaging usually involve the ability to sense or measure an attribute of the product, the inner atmosphere of the package, or the shipping environment. This information can be communicated to users or can trigger active packaging functions. Programmable mattersmart materials, etc can be employed in packages.

Depending on the working definitions, some traditional types of packaging might be considered as “active” or “intelligent”. More often, the terms are used with new technologically advanced systems: microelectronicscomputer applicationsnanotechnology, etc.

How does DPL Easycure work for your active packaging?

The easy and economic way is UV Cast and Curing technology. UV casting and curing technology a kind of microembossing technology, which can create rich, high gloss holographic effects on a variety of substrates in both sheet fed and web. Casting film is embossed BOPP Film, which already have holographic feature. When this film nip with base substrates, the holographic construction on BOPP will be embossed into UV lacquer on the surface of base substrates. Said it in an easy way, BOPP film is more or less like die head in this process, so this film can be reused several times After cure system, the holographic feature will be stable on the surface of base substrates. UV Casting films are available in a variety of diffraction patterns, similar to hot foils.

DPL Easycure UV curing system is an intelligent “Plug&Play” system, easy to operation and install in existing machines.



Case study – how LED UV curing system working in security printing process

What is security printing?

Security printing is the field of the printing industry that deals with the printing of items such as banknoteschequespassportstamper-evident labels, product authenticationstock certificatespostage stamps and identity cards. The main goal of security printing is to prevent forgery, tampering, or counterfeiting. More recently many of the techniques used to protect these high-value documents have become more available to commercial printers whether they are using the more traditional offset and flexographic presses or the newer digital platforms. Businesses are protecting their lesser-value documents such as transcripts, coupons and prescription pads by incorporating some of the features listed below to ensure that they cannot be forged or that alteration of the data cannot occur undetected.


One of the key technology of security printing is – Hologram.

hologram may be embedded either via hot-stamping foil, wherein an extremely thin layer of only a few micrometers of depth is bonded into the paper or a plastic substrate by means of a hot-melt adhesive (called a size coat) and heat from a metal die, or it may be directly embossed as holographic paper, or onto the laminate of a card itself. When incorporated with a custom design pattern or logo, hologram hot stamping foils become security foils that protect credit cards, passports, bank notes and value documents from counterfeiting. Holograms help in curtailing forging, and duplication of products hence are very essential for security purposes. Once stamped on a product, they cannot be removed or forged, enhancing the product at the same time. Also from a security perspective, if stamped, a hologram is a superior security device as it is virtually impossible to remove from its substrate.


LED UV curing and hologram embossing process?

Normally hologram embossing process is a hot and press process. Film pass through nip rollers (steel roll+rubber roll or steel roll+ steel roller which has high temp and high pressure, so the hologram image on one of the rollers will be embossed into the surface of film. The problem for most film is high temp in this process, for example a stamping foil need pass more than 190C in embossing process, meanwhile PET film’s TG temp is about 150C. It means film is stretched in this process, which also damage registered mark in the film as well.


LED UV embossing is one of the lasted technology to solve “registered problem” caused by hot hologram embosser. Compared with normal traditional mercury UV lamp, LED lamp curing temp is only 60-70C even at the same energy output. On the other way, LED curing system’s single wavelength also provide the possibility to improve hologram brightness and sharp edge effect.


More details, welcome to DPL International service team, we are happy to share our experience on security printing process with you.



DPL eAsycureTM UV curing system

DPL are much more than just products, we also share our experience on UV curing printing, UV coating and UV bonding onto wood, glass, metal,plastic and paper products. We sold more than 3000 sets of UV curing system to our clients in the world.



Cold UV Curing Temperature


UV lamp output includes 60% IR energy, a normal metal reflector reflect IR energy out of the lamp head/house, and heat up the touch temperature between your base material and lamp head. Every DPL lamp head/house is equipped with special coated reflector, which can absorb 90% IR from your lamp and transfer to chilling system, so the surface temperature of your printing material is only 5-10C degree higher than your environment temp.


High UV Energy Output Efficiency


As you know that, more than 60% output of UV lamp is only IR, means you can only get 80w/cm UV energy even from a 200w/cm UV lamp. All DPL lamp head/house use “Energy Focus” design.The output UV energy will be focused into a narrow line about 5-10mm width through your web way, which can increase curing efficiency by 30% up.


Multi-input Lamp Source and Chilling Source


DPL UV Lamp head/house is equipped with multi-channels, so our clients can use water chilling as basic chilling source, but when they print or coat on thermal sensitive material, they also can use “chilling air input/out” port in our lamp head. Chilling air input/output channel is also suitable for Nitrogen air solution.

DPL Easycure Cold UV curing system
DPL Easycure UV lamp house

Ozone Free


High concentrations of ozone near ground level can be harmful to people, animals, crops, and other materials. Ozone can irritate your respiratory system, causing you to start coughing, feel an irritation in your throat and/or experience an uncomfortable sensation in your chest.


With our patent design of UV lamp house, DPL UV curing system is a “Ozone free” system,our client dont need install expensive “ozone exhaust” system, their worker can work in a clean “Ozone free ” production.

UV Curing Width


UV Lamp House Width


UV Lamp House Size ( W xH xL)

95x 16mm x (500-1998mm)


up to 240w/cm




Hello Speedy, what you can do for our LED ink?


SpeedyTM LED Ink Testing System

                              DPL Part No. 80870. 

LED curing technology offers many benefits over traditional Mercury UV curing, such as lower operating costs and No stand by time and No ozone exhaust risks, the only problem for LED curing is wavelength. Compared with mercury UV curing, LED curing system will provide much more energy at single wavelength, such as 365nm,395nm, but Mercury UV curing system provide a “curing area” from UVB to UVA, which is more suitable for current ink system. So it become more important to our clients test their LED ink before they decide to invest LED curing system for their printing or coating machine.

DPL SpeedyTM LED Ink testing system is specially designed for high speed LED ink test, speed from 2-300m/min.



LED Curing Area: 82x60mm or up to client’s request

Peak Wavelength: combination 365-385-395-410nm

Peak Energy Output: up to 26w/cm2

Speed control: automatic, from 2-300m/min

Control System: Integrated PLC

Power Control Range: 0-100% with instant on-off

Cooling System: closed loop water chilling with automatic flow control

Certifications: CE,UL…




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