DPL Easycure LED System

DPL Easycure LED system

DPL LED Easycure LED system is base on the latest LED curing technology, which combine with a high effective and smart construction ensure a stable and perfect curing quality for different types of coating, printing, bonding application.
DPL LED curing system series is build up with length from 82mm to 2240mm. We also provide customer design service.
High UV curing energy output:
with our special construction of LED Chips, DPL LED curing system can reach 146w/cm,
output energy up to 650mj/cm2 by 100m/min printing speed, Peak energy up to 26w/cm2.
Long lifetime:
with high effective water chill construction, DPL LED curing system can reach more than
20.000 hours by 100% Radiation.
Suitable for LED or mercury UV ink:
DPL LED curing system provide high Joule energy (DOSIS ENERGY) with wave length from 365-395nm.
“Plus & Play” smart system:
DPL LED Curing system is smart system with “plus &play” design, easy to operation and
suitable to install in existing machine.





– 照射强度(mW / cm2)
– 紫外曝光(mJ / cm2)

– UV暴露和照射强度之间的关系
E = I×T
E = UV曝光(mJ / cm 2)
I =强度(mW / cm 2)
T =照射时间(s)


What is UV?

UV is an electromagnetic wave of 100 to 380nm wavelength, longer than that of X-rays but shorter than that of visible rays.
UV is classified into three categories shown below according to its wavelength:
UV-A (315-380nm)
UV-B (280-315nm)
UV-C (100-280nm)

When UV is used to cure the resin, the following units are used to measure the amount of UV radiation:

– Irradiation intensity (mW/cm2)
Irradiation intensity per unit area
– UV exposure (mJ/ cm2)
Irradiation energy per unit area and total quantity of photons to reach the surface. Product of irradiation intensity and time.

– Relationship between UV exposure and irradiation intensity
E=I x T
E=UV exposure (mJ/cm2)
I =Intensity (mW/cm2)
T=Irradiation time (s)
Since UV exposure required for curing depends on the material, the required irradiation time can be obtained by using the above formula if you know the UV irradiation intensity.


What is UV Curing Technology?

UV Curing Technology is a technology of instant curing or drying in seconds in which ultraviolet is applied to resins such as coatings, adhesives, marking ink and photo-resists, etc., to cause photopolymerization. With polymerization reaction methods by heat-drying or mixing two liquids, it usually takes between a few seconds to several hours to dry a resin.


UV Curable Scratch Resistant Coatings

Specific grades of Master Bond’s UV curable adhesives feature scratch resistant properties.

Source: UV Curable Scratch Resistant Coatings


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Hello Speedy, what you can do for our LED ink?


SpeedyTM LED Ink Testing System

                              DPL Part No. 80870. 

LED curing technology offers many benefits over traditional Mercury UV curing, such as lower operating costs and No stand by time and No ozone exhaust risks, the only problem for LED curing is wavelength. Compared with mercury UV curing, LED curing system will provide much more energy at single wavelength, such as 365nm,395nm, but Mercury UV curing system provide a “curing area” from UVB to UVA, which is more suitable for current ink system. So it become more important to our clients test their LED ink before they decide to invest LED curing system for their printing or coating machine.

DPL SpeedyTM LED Ink testing system is specially designed for high speed LED ink test, speed from 2-300m/min.



LED Curing Area: 82x60mm or up to client’s request

Peak Wavelength: combination 365-385-395-410nm

Peak Energy Output: up to 26w/cm2

Speed control: automatic, from 2-300m/min

Control System: Integrated PLC

Power Control Range: 0-100% with instant on-off

Cooling System: closed loop water chilling with automatic flow control

Certifications: CE,UL…




              DPL Industri A/S 01.11.2016


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