LED Ink Proofer



Why you need a LED ink Curing proofer ?

Are you still doubt how much UV LED energy you need when you print by new LED ink because your ink proofer only run 10m/min?
DPL Speedy UV LED Ink curing proofer will provide all data you need for your printing machine: test speed from 4-300m/min, curing distance adjustable from 2 to 10mm, curing energy automatic adjustable by speed. You can download all testing result to your PC as well.
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LED CAST CURE is a method to create microstructure (such as holographic effect, optical effect and so on)on printed film or paper through LED curing process. The general process includes two nip rolls, one is called as a master cylinder on which have holographic or other microstructure feature, and the other is pressure rubber roller. When film or paper pass through these two pressure, the holographic image on the master cylinder will be cast on the surface of film or paper. The LED curing lamp will dry LID lacquer on film or paper after casting process, so holographic or other microstructure will be on the surface as well. Compared with traditional UV cast and cure process, LED curing system use typical single wavelength, for example, 395nm or 385nm, which is easier pass through film if the lamp is installed on the back side of the film. Also LED curing system to use cold light source so curing temp is also lower than Traditional UV lamp. Because LED lacquer is single wavelength, so it will not by dried by visible light.

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DPL announced LED CAST&CURE for holographic business



Why Choice LED UV curing system for your printing press?


  • Faster press speeds
  • No Spray powder
  • No buffing for laminating
  • No waiting for lamps compared to conventional UV
  • Less maintenance than conventional UV
  • Fewer blanket washes
  • No white gutter space needed
  • No marking
  • Perfecting jackets?- Don’t need them anymore. You can replace them with steel jackets.
  • Heat removal can be away from the pressroom
  • Less AC tonnage required to cool the pressroom (every dollar of energy spent on tratitional UV requires another dollar of air conditioning)
  • The same profile for coated and uncoated paper
  • No hickeys
  • Save ink because of fewer wash-ups
  • Gained one hour per day of extra production because evening wash-ups were eliminated
  • Less fountain solution required
  • Less press wash required
  • Quicker blanket and impression cylinder washes because ink does not cured by oxidation
  • Switched to 20micron stochastic at the same time as switching to LED-UV
  • Instant turnaround
  • Cleaner pressroom
  • Cleaner bindery
  • Instant measuring of color data for profiling (no need to wait for dryback)
  • Ability to print and varnish on two sides in one pass
  • No heat distortion on plastics
  • Long perfector will have same dot gain on side A as on side B
  • Neater stacks to the cutter when no spray powder is used
  • Ink never dries in, on or around the press
  • Material cost saving in paper, ink and press parts

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